Where We Are Heading

We value “Balance” – between Clinical Studies and Basic Research.

A feedback from clinical studies revealed the hidden power of our leading oncology program CBP501 in such a field of immune-oncology, in addition to its original MoA of “attacking cancer cells without harming normal cells.”
Balance Image

  1. Attacking cancer cells without harming normal cells
    (e.g. proprietary cell cycle phenotype based screening)
  2. Inhibit cancer stem cell growth by acting on tumor microenvironment
    (e.g. suppression of tumor-macrophage interaction)
  3. Relieve immune suppressive tumor microenvironment
    (e.g. suppression of M2 macrophages)
  4. Work as a team with available force
    (e.g. platinums, immune checkpoint inhibitors)
  5. Clinical study led us to find new MOAs and a method to select patients of CBP501.
    (e.g. excluding patients with high WBC from CBP501 treatment)

Post study R&D of CBP501 is, also, paving the way for the evolution of our R&D activities into immuno-oncology space.
New projects are budding in the new field, such as:

  • Next generation CBP501
  • Peptide based I/O candidate with a novel concept
  • IDO/TDO dual inhibitor
  • New library screening